Different pesticides have different effects on pests, beneficials, and resistance evolution

The below information summarizes the toxicity of foliar chemical sprays on key beneficial insects and indicates where pest resistance is present.

Resistance is indicated by the red chemical icon.

Ratings for toxicity are indicated by the colour-coded ladybird icon, indicating the level of impact on beneficial insects. The colour scheme is as follows:

  • Green: low impact (<30% mortality)
  • Yellow: moderate impact (30-79% mortality)
  • Orange: high impact (80-99% mortality)
  • Red: very high impact (>99% mortality)

Data shown here is directly from the Beneficials Chemical Toxicity Table.

Ratings for toxicity are based on International Organisation for Biological Control (IOBC) protocols for laboratory studies and reflect percent mortality of insects.

These values represent mortality under controlled laboratory conditions – impacts may vary in the field, especially if multiple applications of a chemical occur.

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